Pursuit Horizon | Motorcycle Adventurers • Stop working; start living.

STATUS Update: Editing film nights & weekends, working hard to get it finished. Living and working in Las Vegas. Planning the next adventure.


Pursuit Horizon is a documentary which follows two creative adventurers who have had enough with their redundant daily routine and set out on an 12,000 mile journey across America.

Stop Working; Start Living. A lot can happen when you maximize today.

12,000 Miles | 2 Motorcycles | 3 months

A filmed documentary, No luxury, No support crew, 100% Real.

Blog Post and Pictures from His & Her Perspectives.

Seeking adventure Zach Settewongse (filmmaker) and Amanda Pollard (motorcycle parts tech) prepare to embark on a cross country adventure. Inspired by the Long Way Round British TV series the two plan to film the entirety of their trip. However they plan to do it without the conventional film crew or support vehicles.”I’m on a Triumph; I don’t need a support crew” – Settewongse. The two will be documenting the events, sights and people along the way while camping on the side of the road in a tent is the plan. “It seemed we both just needed a break from our daily lives. So we’re dropping everything and just going for it.” Pollard.

The two will be carrying a total of six cameras, microphones, JOBY tripods, and editing and blogging gear on their motorcycles. Normally just a trip like this with just the essential gear means packing light. With all the electronics the two won’t have much in the way of comfort. What they will have is a break from the daily grind and a new horizon in front of them daily.

“We plan find a Starbucks along the way to update the daily blog, charge our camera batteries, and upload our weekly video podcast. Yes it’s going to be a lot of work filming and blogging everything but it combines motorcycles and filmaking; both of which I love. To me it just ads to the adventure.” Settewongse