Pursuit Horizon | Pursuit Horizon - A Motorcycle Adventure Documentary
Pursuit Horizon is a documentary film which follows two creative adventurers who have had enough with their redundant daily routine and set out on an 12,000 mile journey across America.
Adventure Motorcycle, Travel Adventure, Inspirational, TAT, Trans America Trail, Zach Settewongse, Amanda Pollard



Feeling trapped with their redundant daily routine two adventurers spontaneously quit their jobs and set out on an 12,000 mile journey across America.


Zach, a photographer turned 40 has had enough with his monotonous daily life. He meets Amanda an attractive 20 something motorcycle parts clerk who feels trapped at an unfulfilling job. Regretting the adventures he has repeatedly postponed, he decides to set out on a 12,000 mile journey across America and convinces her to join him. What should be a simple road trip finds them getting sidetracked non stop with one adventure after another. This motorcycle travel adventure documentary is an inspirational film in disguise that will have you questioning what it truly means to live.


A lot can happen when you maximize today.


12,000Total Miles   1,400Miles Off Road   85Days   27States   2Motorcycles

100% Real, No support crew, No film crew


Taking The Hard Way Back

Conquering the T.A.T. (Trans America Trail). Tennessee to Colorado OFF ROAD on a sportbike.

The original planned route had the two traveling on highways and twisty backroads. However Amanda decided while planning the route that they should attempt to conquer the Trans America Trail which is an off road trail across the US. People ride the TAT each year using purpose built off road motorcycles like the one Zach rides in the film, but none have attempted to challenge it on a sportbike meant for the racetrack. Nobody they spoke to before the film believed it could be done. 1400 miles later Amanda a 5’2” 100lb girl proved them wrong.



Filming Pursuit Horizon – Compromising essentials for camera gear.

Inspired by the British TV series Long Way Round the two set out to film the entirety of their trip. However they did it without the conventional film crew or support vehicles. On their motorcycles they carried a total of six cameras, audio recording gear, GorillaPod tripods, seven hard drives, two laptops, and pile of batteries. Normally a trip like this with just the essential camping gear means packing light. With all the electronics the two didn’t have much in the way of comfort. “I never thought I’d be tossing out my sleeping bag and pillow midway through the journey to save weight. I underestimated is what we could realistically and comfortably carry. We both underestimated just how vast, and unpopulated  sections of the TAT could be. Reality sets in when it’s 100+ degrees you have no shade, no spares, no cell service, no water left, low fuel, and  nothing for 100 miles.” – Zach



Life is a collection of experiences, not objects.

The Message – Inspiring others through adventure.

“I wanted to make a film that would cause people to rethink their priorities, however none of us really want to hear that we’re in jobs we hate or constantly postponing our dreams. A motorcycle travel adventure provides an entertaining backdrop for the true message of the film. People turning their passions into their work and living for the moment.” – Zach





  • Miles traveled 11,982
  • Miles off road 1,400
  • Days 85
  • Nights in tent 63
  • Night in hotel 11
  • Nights with friends 11
  • Roadkill spottings 171
  • Starbucks tab $315.23
  • Daily food budget combined $20
  • Stopped by police/ tickets 0
  • Accidents/ Crashes 6 (Zach 3, Amanda 3)
  • Mechanical Issues 8
  • Kittens rescued 1
  • Turtle roadside assist 3