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Zach's DIY Triumph 800XC Pannier Rack Fabrication for Pursuit Horizon. Stop Working • Start Living.
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Pursuit Horizon – Triumph 800XC Pannier Rack Fabrication

16 Jun 2012, Posted by Zach of Pursuit Horizon in Trip Prep

Triumph 800XC Pannier Rack Fabrication for Pursuit Horizon:

[dropcap style=”dropcap3″ color=”black”]N[/dropcap] ormally the Pannier/ Luggage racks on an adventure bike carry all your essentials and you are still pressed for room. Since I also need to carry all the equipment needed to film a documentary and create a daily interactive website I needed a bit more room. The goal I had from the start was to create a self contained, no support vehicle or film crew documentary. I was inspired by Charlie and Ewan from the Long Way Round but felt I wanted it 100% real; no outside help. Back to the rack build.

Being a Filmmaker/ Photographer I use and trust Pelican cases with protecting my gear. I looked at a lot of the pannier systems on the market. There are a lot of really good ones but most of them are very expensive (Touratech) or didn’t work with the large Pelican top case I wanted to use. Honestly my budget for this project seemed to be growing everyday and I needed to find places to save. So I decided to fabricate my own rack for the Triumph Tiger 800XC.


  • One 3/4″x3/4″ box steel, 20ft length.
  • Three small sheets of Aluminuim
  • Six threaded knobs and other assorted nuts, washers.
  • Eight padlocks.
  • A few small pieces of scrap steel from a friend. Thanks again Steve Atkins 🙂
  • Two Pelican 1550 cases. Purchase all cases online at B&H
  • One Pelican 1620 case. This is about as big as you want to use.

Cost: I spend about $600. However if you don’t have a fabrication shop it might be cheaper to just buy a pre-made system.

  • Steel and Aluminum $40
  • Assorted hardware and knobs about $40
  • Pelican Cases aprx $500
  • Powder Coating was free. Thanks again Greg from Fine Line Powder Coating.

The Process:

  • I removed the seat and rear deck and looked for mounting locations. The guys at Triumph make this easy as they provide several places to mount aftermarket or factory Triumph racks.
    • (R) I used the side dedicated rack mounts, the exhaust mount.
    • (L) The factory underframe mount holes.
    • (Top) I extended the four factory bolts with spacers and longer bolts. There are two additional bolt holes under the plastic plate but I chose not to use them.
  • I then spent a lot of time thinking about how to design a way to mount the bags to the racks. I looked at using parts from bicycle roof racks, bolts and hinges, and walked the isles of the hardware and sporting good stores looking for ideas. In the end I went with the simplest idea of having the aluminum backing plates slot in and lock in place with the threaded knobs. After a test ride I can say I’m very happy with this approach; no rattles, very secure, and they attach and remove quick and simply.
  • Next was to fabricate the rack/ cage. Insert “A-Team” music here and a full very long day of manly work. Amanda watched while exterminating Zombies on her laptop. It was a long day she finished the game. No more Zombies on her lawn😉
    • If you look at the photos closely you can see it’s basically three squares. Each side has two top post going to the factory mounts and one more post going to the under mount or exhaust mount. The bar across the back has two 20 degree cuts and is bolted (tapped) to the side squares. The top just has the steel plate across the center.
  • Then it went to Greg at Fine Line and was powder coated black and ready for pick up in 4hrs.
  • I then placed tape on the back of the pelican cases to align the aluminum plates. Evenly marked out the mounting hole locations and drilled the holes.
  • Finally I mounted and assembled everything on the bike. I consider my self a decent weekend fabricator so to me this was a fairly simple build. plus it always help to have a buddy with a full fabrication shop.

Q: If you have any questions contact me using the contact form.

By: Zach Settewongse – There may be some spelling errors; get over it.

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  • Brae Hulery

    You could always build anything. Looks awesome!

  • Leroy L. Thurlby

    Am purchasing a 2012 800 Tiger xc and liked your luggage system design. Question: Where would one find the knobbs for securing the panniers?

    • Amanda of Pursuit Horizon

      I would look for a good fastener store in your area, otherwise ACE Hardware and Lowe’s usually carry them. Try the Speciality Fastener section in both. Remember bigger is better on these; easier to grip and they need to be beefy enough to hold on the panniers.


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