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Pursuit Horizon Blog 2 - Pack the rain gear... nah! Zach and his first slug. We are insects among Redwood trees. This stuff won't wash off.
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Pursuit Horizon Blog 2 – Rain, rain, and more rain.

26 Jun 2012, Posted by Pursuit Horizon Team in The Journey

Pack the rain gear… nah! Zach and his first slug. We are insects among trees. This stuff won’t wash off.


Amanda Pollard

Day 3     “It’s raining Again”

I awoke to the sound of rain, and lots of it.  Zach woke up too and we both agreed after checking the weather; that we had to run south to avoid the incoming downpour and that as much as we wanted to film the redwoods up in Crescent City (specifically the grove where they filmed “Return of the Jedi”) that for our own sake we needed to go south.  So south we went, headed towards Garberville.

Right off of the bat we were soaked with rain, absolutely drenched. Your crotch is not the best place for rain, but somehow that’s where the majority of it went. (Gotta love the curves of a sport bike.) So freezing cold  after an hour and a half of riding, we pulled into Eureka and stopped to eat and hopefully warm up. (Did I mention it was 56 today?)  We pulled into the green mermaid (aka Starbucks) and warmed up with some coffee and a nice fire.

After our clothes were somewhat dry and our resolve regained, we jumped back on the bikes into yet again an hour and a half ride of very little to no filming (can’t risk the cameras getting wet) and cold rain. 101 was still beautiful despite the cold and I found a nice camping area further south of Garberville in a patch of old growth redwoods to camp for the night at.

More than anything this place is MAGICAL. The trees are gigantic and I can only imagine what the forests must have been like not so long ago. I am thrilled that tomorrow we can film for a while in the woods and then go ride. It won’t be the rush to pack camp and the bikes and just go. I want to explore this place to see what is here, to really just walk next to the giants!

I love that Zach is out more today. He is actually sitting with me next to the fire, and he was playing with a slug earlier. Imagine my surprise when he asks for a camera, I give him one while setting up our bed, and then see him with a slug on his arm.  I have to explain one thing… Zach is very tactile, very OCD about his cleanliness, and very much an inside person. I don’t think he really was a “nature kid” playing with insects .  And I am just giggling on the inside waiting to hear the “Oh Gross!”.  He finally figures out that slugs leave slime trails and actually handles it quite well. I am proud of him! He is starting to look exhausted, and at 8pm I am too.


Zachary Settewongse

Day 3 – Pack the rain gear? Its June we won’t need it. Yeah right.

6am why am I awake so early? Quick peek outside the tent, no rain clear skies, nice; back to bed for an hour or so. 7am tap, tap, tap … The rain is here but it’s not bad, just a light drizzle; we better get up and pack up the bikes.

8am and it’s starting to rain so we’re heading to the Starbucks five minutes away to upload our blog and check the radar. Good new the radar shows an opening at 9am until about 2pm. OK well now it’s 9:30am and it’s absolutely pissing rain. It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop so we have decided not to film the Redwoods just outside of Cresent City and head south as quick as possible to get out of the rain.

It’s about 11am and we are soaked and freezing. So now is the time to explain why we didn’t pack any rain gear. We looked into it and debated bringing it. However we were so tight on room due to all the camera gear that we decided the odds of us needing it in June-August were minimal. Today we were wrong.

We have now stopped in Eureka, CA and are in a Starbucks sitting by the fire drying out our clothes and defrosting. While there I happened to notice a man with a 17” laptop and a second 20” flat screen monitor. Even a geek like me has to giggle a bit at that one.

Back on the road around 1pm and its finally warmer outside. Don’t get me wrong it is still raining hard but we are dry, for a few minutes at least. About 30min down the road the rain has decided to let up. FINALLY J We decide to pull over and mount the helmet cameras and are starting to have some fun. The trees are so beautiful in this area that words really cannot describe them.

More Redwoods please! I’ll have to admit that I was really, really bummed out this morning when the rain came and we missed the opportunity to camp in the redwoods and film. I was so looking forward to Amanda enjoying them. We lucked out and found another redwood state park in Richardson’s Groove, CA. Time to pull in and find a camp spot.

Once again Amanda set up camp. Got to love her! This evening we are both exhausted and are just sitting by the fire. There was one exciting incident involving a GIANT yellow spotted slug. Amanda says it’s a banana slug. Intrigued I had to name him and play with him for awhile. Here’s a fact: If you pick one up and play with it you’ll get super sticky slime on you and it takes a whole lot of soap and washing to get it off. Just think of Slimer from Ghost Busters and you’ll get the idea.

It’s only 6pm and I’m so exhausted. Opps I already said that, oh well. Another hour by the fire and that’s it. Tomorrow the plan is to wake up early, film in the redwoods for awhile and head south closer to Petaluma, CA. Not sure where we are camping tomorrow but we’ll figure it out.

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