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Pursuit Horizon Blog 3 - Yeah big trees! Amanda's gets in a funk and finally gets a shower. Zach has a geek meltdown. Is that a snail? Day 4 was a good day but also a stressed out bad day.
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Pursuit Horizon Blog 3 – 700 miles Good Day/ Bad Day

27 Jun 2012, Posted by Pursuit Horizon Team in The Journey

Yeah big trees! Amanda’s gets in a funk and finally gets a shower. Zach has a geek meltdown. Is that a snail? Day 4 was a good day but also a stressed out bad day.

Amanda Pollard

Day 4 – Grumpy and Stressed Today was the emotional roller coaster. It started off wonderful with sleeping in until 9, and then hanging out in the redwood forest for 30 minutes or so. Temperatures were on the rise and I was feeling great! We rode for a while and stopped off in      where we promptly stopped at the green mermaid, got a frap and plugged in our equipment for the day. Zach’s computer started to crash (O great, this put me in a funk), and so we spent around 4 hours until he could upload yesterday’s blog post and pictures from my computer. We headed to Petaluma around 6pm and started to look for a hotel. (Yes a hotel…we might be on web tv tomorrow, so a good shower and being able to look presentable would be nice!) We arrived at our first option; it was full up, and way more expensive than we were looking for.  We turned back to find a campground, but in wine country even camping is expensive! So Zach set to work with his silver tongue and got us around $10 off; I just went outside and let him work.  Now in the tent I am looking forward to our visit to TwiT.tv studios tomorrow and nervous all at the same time. It’s good stress.

Zachary Settewongse

Day 4 – Beautiful morning, computer issues, and a wild boar. Uuug, uugg, uh, uh, uuug… etc Now mentally paint the image of a wild boar grunting ominously close in your mind. Actually we’ll get back to that later and when we’re done you’ll have it burnt into your mind as it is mine forever. Just before we went to bed last night after I finished my blog a man walked up to our camp. His name was Dwayne and he was a fellow motorcyclist camping for the night. He was on a KLR650 and after chatting it up a bit he offered us a place to stay after we passed through SF latter next week. I’m finding people’s generosity and kindness is greater than I believed. 13 hours of sleep; that’s how tired we were. I think if I let her Amanda could sleep for two days straight. I usually only sleep for six hours a night so thirteen hours shows how exhausted I was. Magnificent splendor was the site that I awoke to as I opened the door of the tent. The sunlight penetrating the canopies of the redwood forest casting beam after beam of light down upon my eyes as I gazed out. The sounds so peaceful, the air so moist and fresh. Think about it, it’s not often the air around you seems so different that it jumps out at you. It so strange, so alien the landscape of the redwood forest. I feel like a tiny insect in a giant other world. This is awesome! Oh look snail! Come here little snail I want to play with you. We packed up camp and then walked around bit and filmed. Amanda seemed like she was the last piece of a puzzle that fit perfectly into place in the forest. Her eyes were as big and bright as I have ever seen them as she explored the trees. Back on the bikes and off towards Petaluma, CA. I’m starting to finally get used to all the extra weight on my bike. I’m not going to lie when we first set off I was a bit worried about how it felt. The ride today was really nice but with the scenery around us how could it be anything but. No, No, Not now, please not now! So we pulled into a town about 1hr from Petaluma and went into Starbucks to upload our blog. Then it happened my Adobe CS5 freaked out on me and locked me out, it was FUBAR. Now those geeks out there just gasped out loud. The rest of you probably are lost. It’s a crucial piece of software that I need to edit the photos and video along the trip. So tomorrow I’m going to have to find a solution. This set us back a good 3hrs today and it’s still not fixed. TIME is seriously becoming an issue. Between setting up camp, traveling, filming, blogging, and finding a place to charge the batteries we seem to be always STRESSED for time. This isn’t good and I can see Amanda stressing because she sees me stressed about getting everything done. For example right now it’s midnight and I’m writing my blog in the hopes that I can have some spare time to fix the CS6 issues tomorrow. Over the next few days I have to figure out a work flow and slow things down. It’s a must and I know it will make Amanda more relaxed. Tomorrow we head to TWIT.tv studios and meet Leo Laport and I’m hoping he mentions us on his show or even better has us on. It’s going to be a really busy day at TWIT with it being Google I/O and all so I won’t blame them if they can’t get us on but I’m hoping. Now back where we started. So we are staying at the KOA Campgrounds in Petaluma, CA which are very nice as far as campgrounds go. They have a petting zoo; more on that tomorrow. Anyways I decided to take a shower before bed so I head up to the showers which are also in the same large room as the bathrooms. For the ten minutes I’m in the shower I had to listen to some big dude in a stall across the room grunting repeatedly like a wild boar giving birth. Yeah that’s a hard 10 minutes to forget. We’ll it’s the end of today’s blog since Amanda keeps waking up and begging me to stop making noise and come to bed. Seems I have heavy fingers that make a loud clackity, clack .

  • Bob

    Saw you guys on TWIT.TV! You were great! I will follow your blog and travels. Have fun!

  • boB3rd

    Watched you guys on TWIT TV. I am so envious that you met Leo. I’ve been a fan of his for 20 or more years also. I’m also going to enjoy your adventure vicariously by following your blog. I really like the way you have it set up with both of your viewpoints on each blog entry. Amanda, keep giving us your perspective to balance out Zach’s view of things. I’m really interested in how your gear stands the test of the road. Wish you were coming to Florida. I would fill up your tanks and give you a place to spend the night.


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