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Pursuit Horizon Blog 4 - Hangry Panda on the Loose. We learn what a TWIT is. Zach has a Nerdgasam. A 20yr dream come true. Let's throw in a baby goat too.
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Pursuit Horizon Blog 4 – You are now entering Geek Nivana. Hello TWIT

28 Jun 2012, Posted by Pursuit Horizon Team in The Journey

Hangry Panda on the Loose. We learn what a TWIT is. Zach has a Nerdgasam.  A 20yr dream come true. Let’s throw in a baby goat too.


Amanda Pollard

Day 5– Angry Panda Strikes Again

So I have picked up the word “Hangry” as of late. Basically it happens when the Panda (aka Me) gets Angry because she is Hungry.  You may have seen the Panda stickers that are on all my gear. Hopefully this explains her quizzical look; she is an Angry Panda.  Back to this in a second.

So today we drove into Petaluma and started our day off with the usual green mermaid beverage, uploads and photo editing.  We were both nervous and excited for the trip over to Twit.tv studios. When we arrived I could tell Zach was about to have a “Nerdgasam”.  Everyone there was so kind and the young guys were digging my bike. Zach met with Leo and brought him out to see the bikes and the Twit Bug and Logos. It seemed like Leo was digging the idea.  Zach was starting to shake he was so excited, he told me he had listened to Leo for over 20 years, and I could tell he was meeting some sort of Obi Wan Kenobi of Tech.

We awkwardly pushed Z’s monster of a bike through the doors and into the studio. And I gotta say the inside of this place was amazing! My inner geek began to show, all I could do was look at the architecture, the lighting, the cameras, and the spin-able command center! These guys have an amazing studio and welcome fans to come and sit in, how cool! Z was so intently watching the interviews about Google’s I/O conference. I paid close attention just in case there was a quiz later (…please don’t let Leo ask me anything about tech, I’m a gear head….) and I gotta say the skydiving stunt was cool.  I was a bit worried about my baby sitting outside with all my personal stuff just hanging out. But I was not about to intrude any further into these guys space. Luckily there was a window so I could peak in on her.

Leo was trying very hard to fit us in, but with all the new tech news, I could tell it would be a feat to get us in there.  He did manage to throw us into his “Triangulation” section. How cool! (Link and video at the bottom of this page) So we were interviewed by Leo and Z got to show off his bike.  (Thanks again Leo!!!!!)

Now back to “Hangry”. After being in the studio for a while watching Z geek out, I needed some food, blood sugar was dropping, the grumps was starting to set in, and I was starting to shake. This is not fun if you are trying to ride, I felt so weak and slow to react. Luckily there was a great little BBQ joint, and we grabbed a sandwich.  I got a Cream Soda for the blood sugar; it was delicious, especially because I gave up soda about 9 months ago. Amazing how carbonation hurts your throat the first few times you drink it.

We then headed back to the KOA with the petting zoo Z had fallen in love with earlier today. I set up camp and we went off to bed.


I have a feeling a pygmy goat may be in my future……


Zachary Settewongse

Day 5-  Geek Nirvana awaits me today. I’m so excited!!!

First let’s start with the morning. I decided to venture around the KOA campsite a bit while Amanda packs up camp. I’m so glad I did as I find the petting zoo! I’m a huge sap when it comes to animals; always have been. So 30 minutes to play with the baby goats and other animals is a great stress relief and a great way to start the morning. Love all the furry animals hate those damn peacocks. The noise those things make drives me insane.

After another 2hrs at the Green Mermaid posting to the blog and answering emails we are finally off. Now if only my GPS would cooperate with finding the TWIT.tv studios. UGG this GPS is making me frustrated today. We found it, there it is, TWIT.tv studios.

For those of you who are lost as to what TWIT.tv is let me briefly explain.  About 20yrs ago ZDTV popped up on cable and I started watching it from Day 1, everyday. The main anchor for the network was Leo Laporte. ZDTV became TECH-TV which later became G4. Along the way Leo Left before G4 and started TWIT.tv a full online streaming/ video/ audio podcast network. In the geek world Leo is king, he is the biggest journalist in the tech world. Leo also has a national radio show called “The Tech Guy” where people call in with questions. Anyways TWIT.tv has about 250,000+ viewers watching the shows during the day.

So we arrive at TWIT and I walk through the doors into the studio. I was shaking it was so AWESOME! A tech layer/ TV station with a futuristic theme and mega high speed internet connections. There was something like 40+ cameras and TV displays everywhere. I could live in a place like this, seriously.  I think the photos Amanda and I took will better describe the atmosphere.

So we pulled my bike into the studio. Watched “This Week In Google” live and then at the start of “Triangulation” we were on live. Leo went over the tech gear on the bike with Amanda and I and we talked about our trip for the first 10 minutes of the show. So cool! Did I mention how excited I was about this? I’m meeting Leo Laporte, my bike is in the studio, I’m helping out my sponsors with exposure, and I’m in a tech nirvana layer.

I was happy especially for three of our sponsors. It felt great to help promote their products in such a big way. Shortstack.com Facebook Applications – They make building  professional looking FB business page easy. JOBY makers of Gorillapod and GorillaTorch – They make super cool camera tripods and other lights. Like Leo said “He loves JOBY” and who wouldn’t; their stuff is cool.  Finally SENA Headsets who make the helmet intercom systems we are using on this trip. The several guys at the studio who ride were all very interested in the SENA units and how we adapted them to record our conversations for the documentary.

As soon as the show is available for download we will post a link to it.

I really need to thank Leo and his staff. The people working for him at the studio made us feel welcome and at home. They are some of the nicest people we have met along the way. Of course the coolest staff member was Leo’s dog Ozzie was prompt to greet us and was a hospitable little guy. He even checked out the motorcycles and rode on the tank for a bit.

Wow where did the day go? It’s late so we are going to head back to the campgrounds for tonight and move on tomorrow.

VIDEO: TWIT Triangulation episode 59 – Pursuit horizon


  • Henri

    Hi Amanda and Zach,

    just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your appearance on TWiT. I was watching live and I’m glad that Leo was able to fit you in on such a busy day. I think what you guys are doing is fascinating and very brave. Good luck in your travels; perhaps I’ll meet you in person when you pass through the Land of Enchantment, a.k.a New Mexico!


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