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Pursuit Horizon Blog 5 - Two people take residence in a Starbucks. Girlfriend not Bro-friend. A street full of re-used material has traffic. Hey look its us.
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Pursuit Horizon Blog 5 – Cool Urban Art & Highway 1

29 Jun 2012, Posted by Pursuit Horizon Team in The Journey

Two people take residence in a Starbucks. Girlfriend not Bro-friend. A street full of re-used material has traffic. Hey look its us.


Amanda Pollard

Day 6

I awoke to sounds of what I would like to call “the farty bird”. It turned out to be a peahen, she sounded like someone had tried to have her muted. My neck was sore and I decided we must get compressible pillows. The wadded up clothes trick is not working.

After packing up camp and going to the green mermaid; we headed back north to Sebastopol. We heard from one of our road friends that this small town has an amazing collection of folk art.  And it did not disappoint.  Patrick Amiot is a folk artist who is thoroughly embraced in his community, and whose sculptures are on mass display on Florence Avenue.

His work is so intriguing, eye catching, and loveable. I still just adore the fact that his neighbors have given him space to show his art, and have become accustom to people walking the street and taking photos.  Batman was by far my favorite, but I am a comic book geek, so it makes sense.

After visiting Sebastopol, we hopped on Highway 1 towards San Francisco. It was gorgeous and we could see the fog rolling in over the city.

J0BY offices tomorrow which I am VERY excited to go see!


I am exhausted, off to bed.


 Zachary Settewongse

Day 5-  Don’t fist bump me!

We didn’t leave TWIT.tv yesterday until later on in the afternoon. So we decided to stay another night at the campgrounds in Petaluma. We also didn’t work on our blogs. So Thursday today ended up being a long 4hrs at the green mermaid “Starbucks” . We then headed off to Sebastopol where I knew Amanda would love the folk art and I would enjoy filming. After seeing the art I wish the artist lived on my street. I’d put his work in my yard any day. The ride from Petaluma to Sebastopol was nice but the ride down hwy 1 was even better.

I used this opportunity to fine tune the changes I made to the on board recording system I have rigged up through the SENA headsets. The SENA headsets have far exceeded my expectations. I’m trying to adapt them to do something additional that they are not designed for. I almost have it perfected. However while riding I now have two mics in my helmet and multiple wires going to the recording device on the tank bag. The audio is really good with just a tiny bit of ambient wind noise. Odd since it’s crystal clear in my ear from the SENA units. I may tape shut the mouth duct on my helmet which will be better for the documentary audio. I’m sure I’ll regret that when it’s 100 degrees in the south but I’ll deal with that then.

OK no more tech stuff I’m even putting me to sleep.

So every now and then when Amanda is awesome on film or something great happens I get excited and fist bump her. “Don’t fist bump me!” turns out she thinks one shouldn’t fist bump their girlfriend or call them dude. Hmm, . . . Dude that sucks, I love the fist bump. Oh well maybe I’ll try out the chest bump. I’m kidding I know the bro-hug is the obvious gesture. OK I better stop teasing before I get myself in more trouble.

Still on a high from the TWIT.tv visit and can’t wait to visit JOBY tomorrow. JOBY is just one of those really cool companies that focuses on design and fun in their products and branding. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone there.



OK so we end tonight with the video from our appearance on TWIT.tv. We are the first 10min of the show Triangulation.

VIDEO: TWIT Triangulation episode 59 – Pursuit horizon


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    Love the art! Must add Sebastopol to my list of CA towns to visit.


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