Pursuit Horizon | Pursuit Horizon | Video Podcast 1 - A big first week.
Pursuit Horizon Video Podcast 1 - A big First Week coming to you from J0BY HQ
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Pursuit Horizon VIDEO Podcast 1 – A big first week.

02 Jul 2012, Posted by Zach of Pursuit Horizon in The Journey, Video Podcast

Amanda and Zach look back on the first week. Inside JOBY HQ in SF. We may have watched way too many Bollywood music videos.


* There might be some silliness in those credits, enjoy.


Thanks again to every one who has made the last week so much fun, helped us out, and followed our journey online!

Amanda and Zach


  • Eric

    Is there some way you can charge your gear using your motorcycles?

    • Zach of Pursuit Horizon

      Eric, I also looked into that but all the solar panels I looked at didn’t have very good reviews. Big promises by the companies but the reviews by customers were poor. So far we seem to be able to find and outlet almost everywhere we go. Now if a solar company wants to send me a unit to test I’d be glad to try it out.

  • Zach of Pursuit Horizon

    Eric, We thought about that but we have 2 laptops, 2-4 DSLR batteries, 2 Helmetcams, 2 SENA Headset units, 2 Handheld cameras, and 2 cell phones to charge. The battery on the Triumph 800XC can handle some accessories due to it’s larger stator/ alternator however I have found that it really can only keep the GPS going.

  • Thomas scott

    I took half of your trip back in 1972. I went from San Francisco north in and out of Canada to LI NY. Having a good time and camping also like you. Spent a few extra nights in motels just to watch the 72 Olympics. My question for you is how to get a e-mail notification when a new podcast is posted. I didn’t see an option for that on your site. Enjoy yourselves and make sure you save some time for you to enjoy your trip.

    Tom Scott

    • Zach of Pursuit Horizon

      Scott one of my goals by this week is to set up a mailing list on the website. It’s coming; thanks for watching.

  • Gerzon

    I just want to say good job you guys keep on going!!! I liked the dance at the end of the video. keep having fun. ride safe.

  • Phil (UK)

    What about solar for some of it ?

    Saw you on Triangulation with Leo.
    I’ll be following your progress online. Good luck guys!

    Did you ever watch the BBC films of Ewen McGreggor’s motorcycle roadtrips?

    • Zach of Pursuit Horizon

      Phil, check out my reply to Eric above about the solar units. Yes I own the Long Way Round series. It was the inspiration for the trip. We talk about it a bit in Blog post 1.

  • Emily

    Awesome podcast guys! We loved having you at JOBY HQ! Looking forward to more from your trip! Best of luck!


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