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Pursuit Horizon Blog 8 - Amanda tours Honda America's HQ; BIG smile. Amanda meets Death Valley; BIG sick. Zach enjoys some lobby music.
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Pursuit Horizon Blog 8 – Honda HQ visit, 128 Degrees in Death Valley.

12 Jul 2012, Posted by Amanda of Pursuit Horizon in The Journey

Amanda tours Honda America’s HQ;  BIG smile. Amanda meets Death Valley; BIG sick. Zach enjoys some lobby music.


Amanda Pollard

The Honda North America National Campus      7/10/12

Nervous and excited are the two best words to describe how I am feeling. It’s Tuesday and we are headed to Honda America’s HQ in Torrance, Ca. I can barely contain how thrilled I am to be visiting since I am a massive Honda fan.

We pull up to a beautiful nondescript building and I practically run inside while Z is getting the camera gear. As soon as I enter I am greeted by Bill Savino and John Seidel, the guys who will be taking me on a tour of the facilities.  After a brief overview of the campus miniature, we said our goodbyes to Zach, who was stuck waiting in the lobby. Haha! That’s what you get for being on a Triumph!

I grabbed my bike to pull into the on-site service bay, where a nice tech changed out my bent clutch lever, and polished her up. The service area was immaculate, like an F1 garage, just clean and well maintained.  While I was taking a tour of the press bike garage, Bill pointed out a bike he knew I would love.

And there in the corner was the Kevin Schwantz, Erion racing, Moto2 Moriwaki bike ridden in the 2010 Indy Race by Roger Lee Hayden!!!   I was practically drooling looking at this beauty.  Moriwaki chassis, and exhaust, oh man I was wide eyed and in love.  Seeing how enthralled I was Bill asked if I’d like to throw my leg over it. (I let out an audible gasp here.)Of course I do! Everything about that bike was so well machined, and light! I could sit on this bike all day and not see all the details; it is a highlight of this trip for me! And Zach was missing it!

The campus of Honda was beautiful, landscaped trees, flowers and, big grassy areas, like a college campus. It was easy to see why anyone would want to work here. It is a giant toy box filled with treasures, all the people are friendly, smiling, and it is located on an immaculately maintained piece of land.

After we took the tour (I was still beaming), and returned to Zach, we took some photos with Mark Kuriya from Cycle World.

Passing Death Valley- I’m going to Die.      7/11/12

After the excitement of Honda HQ, we check the weather. O Crap. Highs in Vegas are 113, and on the I- 15  it is a record 125. The map at 3am  the night before shows 105. Great. So we reluctantly decide to leave at 5am when temps will be at least tolerable.

They weren’t. On our first stop, Zach was dying laughing at how red I was. But I felt ok, and was staying hydrated. Next stop was Primm, Ca.  Where we saw a solar plant being built and thought it would be great footage. So pulling over we spent about 10 minutes in searing heat. This is where things start to go bad. I have never experienced lifting your visor and the air outside rushing in is hotter than the air in your helmet currently.

We came to Sloan, Nv. Where I got off the bike and grabbed a green tea. When all the sudden, I was dizzy. Very dizzy, felt nauseous, and was needing a few minutes off the bike.  Zach found this interesting and pulled out the camera. I didn’t even care. I just wanted to rest. Somehow this 5 hour trip felt like it was taking years.

On the way to Las Vegas, things got worse, REAL quick.  It was hard to follow Z, hard to control my throttle, hard to think. My brain felt fuzzy, I was nauseous, crying, it was hard to breathe, the nerves in my teeth felt like they were vibrating, and I was hyperventilating. Z kept telling me 5 minutes, but the GPS we were using was lost. So I pulled into a fast food joint, ran to the bathroom and began projectile vomiting. I thought I was going to pass out right there, right after I vomited.  I took a minute and regained my composure. Got enough strength to get up, and vomited again. It felt like boiling liquid was coming out of me.  After a few moments of rest, I walked into the dining room to find Zach outside on the phone. I just wanted him close. I just knew I was going to blackout at any second.

He came in and grabbed some ice for me, and commented on the redness of my eyes. Apparently I busted a vein in the bathroom, or my eyes were boiling.(It felt like they were.) I kept going in and out of this dreamlike state when I looked up to see his camera on me again. I just wanted to cool off, I needed some sort of help, and he just has his camera.

He realized I was not right, as I could not talk clearly and was in and out, and quickly got more ice and water, and began rubbing me down. After about 30 minutes of cooling down, drinking and rest I felt decent enough to man up and get back on the bike to go to Freedom Cycle Triumph Las Vegas, which ironically was right across the street.

I toughed out the rest of the day, but all I really wanted to do was rest. Heaven would be to take a cold shower and sleep. Fortunately the guys at Freedom Triumph Las Vegas had gotten Z and I a room (THANK YOU), where I could finally cool down and get some sleep.


Zachary Settewongse

Blog Post 8 – It will appear.

I spent the day helping the new Triumph Las Vegas store get their Facebook page up and a few other tech things. I will try and write my blog tonight in the tent. Check back in a day or two. Amanda was on the ball do enjoy her post and photos.





  • Aurora

    So happy to hear you are well Amanda. I experienced the same thing from Las Vegas to LA in a non air conditioned car. It sure does suck. Take care and keep hydrated. I loved seeing how happy you were at Honda!


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