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WHAT IF MY HELMET HAD GLASS? A helmet would be a perfect platform for GLASS and I almost can't believe we don't have something like it already. I explore the possibilities of a Google Glass capable helmet.
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What if my Motorcycle Helmet had Google GLASS?

08 May 2013, Posted by Zach of Pursuit Horizon in Reviews & More
What if my Motorcycle Helmet had Google GLASS?

What if my Motorcycle Helmet had Google GLASS?


I’m a lot of things, motorcyclist, adventure, photographer, filmmaker; however I’ve always been a tech geek since I was little. I was that kid with a computer when nobody was even thinking of computers, back when you recorded data on cassette tapes and a new computer came pre-loaded only with DOS. So now here we are some 36yrs after my first computer and I’m as excited as I was for Google GLASS as I was for my first PC.

Now of course I’ll be getting Google GLASS one day one but WHAT IF MY HELMET HAD GLASS? A helmet would be a perfect platform for GLASS and I almost can’t believe we don’t have something like it already, but it’s coming. It will only be a matter of time before one of the forward thinking helmet manufactures builds a visor that incorporates GLASS. Place the heads up display in the visor, batteries on left side plate, then place the Bluetooth connectivity and camera in the right side plate. It may not even be one of the helmet manufactures, it may end up being a motorcycle communications company like SENA. One thing I do know is whom ever comes out with  a visor that incorporates GLASS first will have the one product motorcyclist are lined up to buy.

Google-GlassWhat is Google GLASS?

For those of you who do not follow tech you may be a bit confused as to what Google GLASS is. GLASS are glasses made by Google that communicate with your Android phone via a bluetooth web link. They project and image into your eye and it appears as if it’s floating in space in front of you. You can control glass with voice commands, winking, turning your head, or by hand gestures or tapping/ sliding your hand along the rim of the glasses. GLASS currently can take a photo, take a video, stream video to a live Google Hangout, display Google turn by turn navigation, and communicate with Google web search. GLASS is currently in the Explorer program phase and new apps are being developed. The public launch of GLASS is the rumored to be the spring of 2014 and the cost is said to be as low as $199 but most likely $499. Currently the explorer program members paid $1500.

Google GLASS official site.

Video | GLASS in action

Video | Teacher using GLASS to take his students on a virtual field trip of the Hadron Collider.

Goggle GLASS

Now what if my motorcycle helmet had it today?

For this thought experiment I’m going to imagine we had GLASS built into our helmet on our adventure throughout the US in the summer of 2012. How could GLASS have benefited us as motorcyclist and those following our story on social media and this blog. A few examples with some geeky images 🙂

Real time weather/ storm info linked to our GPS position.

When we were caught off guard by Hurricane Issac’s fast approach (we we’re to focused on the TAT at the time) we could have benefited by real time weather tracking data linked to or Google Nav evacuation destination. Even better we could have uploaded photos or live streamed our current situation and those following along could have relayed info back to us about possible shelter ahead; or roast us in real time for riding in a hurricane in the first place.



GPS Navigation with fuel mileage data.

We are in the middle of Oklahoma and we’re using an app with GLASS that lets you enter your fuel capacity and tracks your average millage based on your constant GPS data and frequency of fuel ups. This app working in combination with Google turn by turn navigation and Google map data to make sure you never run out of gas. If your getting low on fuel it could advise that you reduce your speed until you are traveling at a speed that allows you to obtain the MPG necessary to make the next fuel stop. Not reality yet but all the pieces are there and this is closer than you think.

Google GLASS Motorcycle Navigation


Live Video Interaction using Google Hangouts

One of the features of Google GLASS is the ability to have a live streaming video call/ chat using Google Hangouts. On our way to Dunlop HQ in Buffalo NY one of the bikes ran over a nail and went flat. With one simple voice command we could have connected to our friend Mike Manning a Dunlop Motorcycle engineer/ public relations guy. We patched the tire incorrectly based on the word of mouth wisdom we’ve heard over the years. This could have had dire consequences and a simple Google GLASS hangout could have proved useful. I know most of you can’t contact a Dunlop engineer over Google Hangout but soon you’ll just be able to ask Google using GLASS or just Google how to fix a flat tire and watch a clip from the Pursuit Horizon film in which Mike tells us how to fix it properly.

Google Glass Motorcycle Tire Repair


Record a Video Anytime or Stream Video Live

As Amanda was making a fun run down the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway I found myself holding a camera in one hand filming her. I did have a helmet cam but somethings you want to make sure the shot is framed just right. With GLASS I would know exactly what’s projected in front of me is I’m recording and that it’s actually recording. Plus how cool would it have been for us to start an impromptu Google Hangout and live stream the run at the time. NOTE: Just a side note while following her I think I obtained the record for fastest person with a litterbox, litter, and large bag of kitten food strapped to the back of my bike doing 100+.

Google GLASS at Bonneville Speedway - Motorcycle Run


Visible text/ voice/ email messages while you ride. Visible text dictation in your visor.

Our SENA SMH10’s can actually link this info to us today inside our helmets and when paired with our Android phones read all text/ voice/ and new email messages. But with glass you get the added benefit of  visually seeing the information.

Texting to others can sometimes lead to a misinterpreted text by the speech recognition due to wind/ engine noise interference. Currently there is no way to know you made and error. No way to know if that text dictated in your helmet while riding is what you think it is. With GLASS you’ll see it before you send it saving you those awkward retractions.

Google GLASS Motorcycle Helmet Visor Message


 What Now?

Now as self appointed Super Geek Motorcycle Adventure you can rest assured I will do everything in my power to obtain GLASS and incorporate it into my Helmet. On our next “Worldwide” adventure currently in the planning, we plan to incorporate GLASS. Hopefully GLASS is available to the public by then.


by | Zach Settewongse – PursuitHorizon.com

and Google if you’re reading this we’re ready to circle the world on motorcycles wearing GLASS; just ask ;P

Zach Settewongse PursuitHorizon.com



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