Pursuit Horizon | Press/ Sponsorship

Press/ Sponsorship


UPDATEThe journey has ended and the film is in the final stages of editing. 11-2013

PRESS: If you would like to contact the riders for an interview please use the contact page. The riders will be checking the contact submissions several times a day. Amanda and Zach will be more than be willing to be interviewed in person or by phone. They will also be available for in person TV and Radio interviews along their journey.

Sponsorship: Want to be a part of the NEXT Adventure? We are just finalizing the first film but there are several plans in the works for a second bigger adventure. Contact us if you or your company would like to be a part of the next project.

Great companies whose logos we proudly carried with us on the first journey: Thank You

  1. Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
  2. SENA Bluetooth Headset Communications.
  3. JOBY Makers of Gorillapod and other cool products
  4. Parts Unlimited
  5. TWiT.tv
  6. Shortstack.com

Also a huge thank you to Honda Motorcycle USA PR department!