Pursuit Horizon | Rider Bio: “Amanda Pollard” of Pursuit Horizon

Rider Bio: “Amanda Pollard” of Pursuit Horizon


Amanda Pollard

“I just need adventure. I’m a restless soul. There is a whole big World waiting for me to explore and I was stuck inside; watching it go by.”

Age: 27
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 110 lbs
Years Riding: 14 years dirt, 4 years street
Hometown: “I’m a wanderer; looking for the place that feels like Home.”
Motorcycle” 2009 Honda CBR600RR

Amanda began riding at the age of 14. Her father and brother both ride and she developed her love for engines and all things motorcycle early. From the first ride Amanda knew that she had found her true passion and one freedom in this World. She started on a 1999 Honda XR80r doing mainly trail riding in the forests of Virginia, followed by lots of single track riding in the deserts of Nevada. She then bought a KX100 to get the feel for a 2 stroke engine.

In 2009 Amanda was ready for her first street bike, and after drooling over the  Honda CBR929 for years she decided on a CBR600rr. Amanda in her petite size and stature was and is always determined to prove her ability to her male counterparts. “Just because I’m small; people underestimate me. It makes me all that more determined to show them I can ride.”


Amanda Pollard of Pursuit Horizon







Amanda took her passion for bikes into her career; she worked at a Honda dealership as a parts and apparel specialist for the last year. She plans on staying within the industry for as long as possible. Amanda also does some commercial modeling. When not in front of the camera; she is an assistant cinematographer and photographer at COLORFULGREY.

Amanda in her down time enjoys caring for and watching her saltwater aquarium, reading comic books, and listening to a vast variety of music.

Amanda’s bike:

She calls her 2009 Honda CBR600rr “Talia” after the Batman character whom is mischievous, dangerous, and sexy. Amanda’s CBR is almost completely stock for this trip, with the exception of aftermarket turn signals. The sport bike weighs in at 410lbs with all fluids. It has stock suspension and has not been lowered; which is why you see Amanda tip toe so often. It is truly Amanda’s pride and joy, she calls it her “baby”.