Pursuit Horizon | Rider Bio: “Zach Settewongse” of Pursuit Horizon

Rider Bio: “Zach Settewongse” of Pursuit Horizon


Zach Settewongse of Pursuit HorizonZach Settewongse (set . té . wong)

 “People always seemed shocked that I’m going to drop everything and hit the road for several months. I’ve just arrived at a point in my life where I’m tired of saying “One day I’m going to do it”.  I woke up and said to myself “Today is the day”. You never know how long your time here will be. This is just one in many adventures I have on my bucket list. I plan to live like every day is my last and not waste a moment. I plan to accomplish all that I can dream of. ”

Age: 40 (Ugg lets just say 39-ver2.0)
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 173 lbs
Ethnicity: 50% Thai, 50% French
Years Riding: 37 years dirt, 25 years street
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Motorcycle: 2011 Triumph 800XC

Zach Settewongse  is a restless, eccentric artist who does things his own way and believes anything is achievable. He is a man who lives in a warehouse intentionally so he can have his motorcycle in the same room as his 1000 watt theater system and big screen TV.

Career – “We really think you have a gift for the arts. We would like you to attended the Art Center College of Design.” That is what his parents said years ago and because they said it Zach decided to become a police officer instead. Of course that didn’t last long. “Every call I arrived on people were always mad and hated the cops. It was truly depressing.” Earlier Zach had started a web design company while in college and continued to grow the company and transformed it into a successful telecommunications company.  However even with success in business he was bored and hated work. “My company had transformed into strictly a telecommunications company, and I was making good money at it, but there was no creative outlet for me. I needed to be creative; I needed a change.”

Zach Settewongse Triumph 800xcThen years later Zach began to experiment with what he loved as a teenager. First design work, then photography, and finally Digital Cinematography. He has worked on projects for “Ghost Hunters” on Biography Ch, PBS NY, “Car Wars” – Speed Ch, United Healthcare’s USA Pro Cycling Team, Eldorado and Silver Legacy Resort Casino’s. Zach will tell you his best pieces are the ones he writes, cast, produces, directs, and edits himself. He doesn’t sleep much.

“What do you know my parents were right all along, but don’t tell them that. Night and Day all I think about and work at is perfecting my skills behind the lens. Driven, obsessed, relentless are words I hear regularly now. I have found my passion in life and I intend to be excellent at it.” – Zach Settewongse

Motorcycles – About a month before  his fourth birthday Zach’s dad bought him his first dirtbike. He rode it in a field next to their home almost everyday. From there the bikes progressed in size as he aged. At the age of 15 Zach wanted a sportbike but his mother forbid it. His father then purchased a GSXR750 sportbike and let Zach ride it. He told his wife “You said he couldn’t own a sportbike until he was 18; you never said I couldn’t buy one and let him ride it.”

From that day on Zach has ridden motorcycles. He has loved the occasional car along the way like his current R53 Mini Cooper but they have always been second loves to his motorcycles.  Finally Zach is combining motorcycles and the career he loves and setting out to film his debut documentary.


You can view some of Zach’s latest work below.



Silver Legacy Resort Casino TV Commercial – 90sec Directors Cut


United Healthcare’s USA  Pro Cycling Team Video


Nike “a Single Dream” – Portfolio piece